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Self Publishing E-books

Writing Careers That Offer a Great Opportunity

Writing & self-publishing ebooks is a fun, creative way to make a living as a writer!

Have you always wanted to write but have no idea how to become a writer? I have a great place to start that is so easy to get into and you get to work for yourself. It is work, but when you love it, it doesn’t feel like it!

The world of publishing is changing and that means new opportunities for writers. And one of those opportunities is writing and self-publishing ebooks.

Why ebooks?

Well, these days, people want information quickly and ebooks provide the niche specific information you want, and you can get it f-a-s-t.

Why should you consider writing and self-publishing ebook? There are several reasons, so let’s get to it. 

Let’s start with what an ebook is, just to be sure we are on the same page… pun is intended! An e-book is an electronic book, called an ebook for short. It is written and saved on your computer as a PDF document and distributed over the internet. 

Today, so many authors are turning to writing and self-publishing ebooks and selling online because it allows us to control what we write without having to jump through all the hoops of traditional publishing. And the best part is there is no publishing agent needed. But the most important reason is that we can write niche-specific information and make a lot of money doing it. And isn’t that the goal, writing for money? 

The best thing about self-publishing ebooks is that they are free to produce and easy to get out to your customers. 

The most important part of the process, after you have written and edited a great, niche-specific ebook, is converting it to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file so it can’t be altered in any way. After all, you don’t want anyone messing with your work. 

So, what do you need to write an ebook?

Here is what is involved in producing ebooks:

  • You will need time to brainstorm profitable ideas
  • You will need time to research your subject matter
  • You will need time to organize your content
  • You will need time to write
  • You will need time to edit
  • You will need time to review your manuscript
  • You will need time to re-write
  • You will need time to do your final edit
  • You will need time to research your delivery method
  • And, of course, time to market

Notice that the word time was used a lot but the word most people think they are going to hear is the word money. But with writing ebooks, there are no self-publishing costs. What that means is that when you write an ebook, you have an opportunity to make money without spending money. Pretty cools, huh?

And here is some more great news about writing ebooks. You won’t have any:

  • Inventory
  • Shipping costs
  • Books stacked in your garage
  • Distribution costs
  • Storage fees
  • And no printing costs

Once you have spent your time creating, editing, typesetting and formatting your book, you just convert it to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and upload it to one of the many publishing websites, and in a flash, you are ready to start self-publishing ebooks online and sell your e-book!

Take a look at Writing e-books for Fun & Profit so you will see just how easy it is! You will get step by step instructions on exactly how to get ideas for your ebooks as well as how to write, market and self-publish ebooks.

Also included is writing advice and checklists to assist the reader to stay on task when creating their own ebooks. You will also find links to writing, publishing, and book promotion websites.

But you do need to understand that in order to make money with your e-book you have to make sure you have done a few things right:

  • Find a target audience or niche for your subject matter. Who needs or wants the information you are providing? Ebooks are focused, so provide great, focused content that will help your reader.
  • Learn how to communicate with them on their level and use the words that they use. Learn their language, as they say. Do they use jargon or are they more formal?
  • By defining their needs and problems you can figure out how to solve them in a way that they can easily understand.
  • Write the way you talk. Make your e-book audience feel like they are sitting across the table from you talking over a cup of coffee!

One advantage of self-publishing ebooks is that you have total control over all aspects of your material such as content, layout, distribution, and marketing. You can also decide how and where to sell your e-book.

Writing ebooks is pretty simple.

  • You do your research.
  • You organize your material.
  • You write your e-book.
  • Be sure to edit. It makes a difference!
  • Format and design your e-book.
  • Convert your file to PDF format or whatever format the publishing outlet requires.
  • Upload your e-book to your own website or an e-book service provider.
  • You’re a published author!

It’s great when you get to make the decisions and writing and self-publishing ebooks let you do all that!

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