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Malicious Desires

A Sam Parker Mystery

As a private investigator, Samantha Parker has seen her share of darkness, but nothing could have prepared her for the evil she was about to encounter. She’s been assigned to locate a sixteen-year-old boy who has run away from home to meet up with a gaming buddy he met online. With a frantic mother to deal with and few leads to go on, it’s not going to be easy. As she uncovers each clue, she discovers a path that leads to a dark underworld that she didn’t know existed, and it turns out that the boy isn’t the only one she’ll need to save.

As the third book in Maria Pease’s Sam Parker Mystery series, this heart-racing mystery takes Sam into the darkest depths of society. No one is who they appear to be and the secrets that are revealed will make you wonder if you really know anyone at all.

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Malicious Desires, the third book in Maria Pease’s series featuring private investigator Sam Parker did not disappoint.

I love a good mystery and Pease’s writing style parallels all my favorite female mystery/sleuth writers. Sam’s capers will keep you smiling and there is just enough spice between her and her handsome love interest, Jake, to keep you turning the pages. Having grown up in Southern California, I visited the Temecula area quite frequently and I enjoy the references to many of the landmarks of this area.
Thank you Ms. Pease, keep them coming!

Juli Shipp

Maria Pease is an excellent author who incorporates humor, passion, intrigue, and of course, lots of mystery! The detail and clarity of her writing make one feel like they are a part of the story, making the Sam Parker series an absolute joy to read. From the unexpected twists to the daring yet humorous hi-jinx Sam gets in to, it is almost impossible to put this book down without eagerly awaiting what will come next. Malicious Desires is the best book of the Sam Parker Mystery series so far!

Ali Pease

Malicious Desires is a wonderful and fast moving read for all! Maria Pease’s character, Samantha Parker is an intuitive, sensitive and hardworking PI. The exchanges between the characters are as real life as it gets. The topic is not only timely but a must read for young people as well as parents for bringing awareness to the complex and sometimes dangerous world we live in. I loved this book!

Kim Pitasi Smith

Malicious Desires, the third in the Sam Parker Mystery Series is a true winner! I was enthralled immediately and couldn't put the book down. The Malicious Series is entertaining and addicting for sure. Sam Parker's character is funny, smart, determined and ever so curious. Maria Pease is a captivating author who delivers magnificent murder mysteries based out of her home town in Temecula, California. I love that she keeps you guessing and wanting more. Maria Pease is hands down one of my favorite authors and I can't wait for her next book!

Christine Lowry Teskoski