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About Maria

Maria Pease - Author

Author Maria Pease

I am asked a lot of questions about how I started writing so I know many people are a little curious about writers and how we work. I hope my bio will help you to get to know me a little better.

I grew up on Long Island and I am one of seven kids. I fall in line at number six. When I was six years old, my parents brought home my adorable little sister, who, as the last in line, got a lot of attention growing up.

I was very shy and quiet, and being quiet in a large family is a little like being invisible. No one really notices you and if by chance you do have something to say, odds are that no one is listening. That left me with a very good imagination and a fondness for animals. They eagerly listened to me if I did have something to say.

I spent my childhood pretending. As a kid, my playhouse was an elephant that I rode in the jungle, I had a pet monkey who could talk to me telepathically and my favorite bunny rabbit was in charge of all the other animals in my room and they all came alive every night.

I did such a good job of pretending that the lines can be a bit blurry when it comes to “real life.” Although I’m much better at playing in the real world now, I still really, really love to live in my own world.

I have always loved stories. I read them, wrote them, and pretended to be in them. The funny thing is I never even realized that I could keep writing them. I was supposed to get serious about a real career.

So I went to college and ended up with a degree in business and a degree in legal studies. I probably shouldn’t mention this but I didn’t like working for lawyers. It just wasn’t as fun as it was in my imagination.

How I Started Writing the Sam Parker Mystery Series

When my son, Steven was about ten, he asked to stay up a little later than his seven-year-old sister, Ali. Trying to discourage this, I told him he could, but there would be no TV. He could either read or write. He agreed and I found myself in a situation. If he couldn’t watch TV, neither could I. So, we started out reading for a half hour every night until one night he said he’d like to write a story and thought I should too.

That night, Samantha Parker was born. The thing is, every night after Steven went to bed, I stayed up writing and before I knew it, I had written Malicious Intent A Sam Parker Mystery.

People who know me always ask if Samantha is me. I can honestly say that she is not me, well not exactly. You see, Samantha Parker is younger, prettier, braver and way more adventurous than I am, although I do pretend to be all those things when I need to. Yes, I know where she’s coming from but the adventure in my life is all because of Sam.

I seem to always be writing something. Along with the Sam Parker mysteries, I write several websites and write non-fiction e-books.

Besides writing I like working out, reading, movies, and most of all I love talking with my kids, Steven & Ali.